Wednesday, January 21, 1970

i am fascinated by deep data- enabling mapping of local communities integration into sustainable world. i acquired ma statistics ,1973, department of applied mathematics, cambridge university. professionally i have mainly researched innovation for large corporate brand leaders. my passion is ai in education, and system transformation for millenials as sustainability goals generation. in 2010s i visited fazle abed first wise laureate 15 times in bangladesh, and beijing 10 times whee i hired student translators issued in urgent livelihood challenges such as health, edutech and borderless sme trade. i research borderless alumni networks eg schwarzman and sir fazle's legacy with the osun university coalition of george soros

in 1984 i co-authored 2025 report with my father norman macrae, the economist sub-editor who earned the japan emperor's order of rising sun for trying to unite the goals of the two thirds of people who are asian with the 10% in the west who first used engines. our book explored timelines on the hypothesis that the 40 years to 2025 would define human futures. as diaspora scots, it can be regarded as the final episode in 27 decades of machine and human exploration started up in 1760s at glasgow u by adam smith and james watt.

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