Tuesday, October 30, 1984

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abed smith soros
after graduating in engineering in the 260th class of adam smith alumni at glasgow university fazle abed spent 10 years accounting at royal dutch shell rising to their regional ceo for pakistan before spending 50 years mapping how the 7 wonders of how worlds poorest communities could sustain economics and save our species-

please say if an of these wonders excite you to want to know more- we can often find you a contact at abed university of brac and osun chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
resilient community
servant leading professions
community health
women empowerment including food/water security
fin tech
....related james grant school health 1 brac U 1....related fazle abed..
.... related  borlaug::rural keynes:: rice curriculum.....relate yidan prize hk and cambridge jesus college march 2020.
..ref existential threat to youth - see brac u partner ban ki-moon gca.org, and vienna partners eg ceu.......
xebrac.com invites you to share ten years of research on futures sirf fazle hoped his alumni would celebrate
digital cash

future of university of sdg generation

x abed bhai - after graduating in engineering at adam smith's glasgow university in class 200 of smithian system mapping in  and practising accountancy fr 10 years at royal dutch shell rising to be regional ceo for east pakistan -fazle abed devoted 50 years of life to forming largest ngo partnerships in world before death 20 dec 2019 -i you want to end deepest poverty anywhere by valuing most trusted community health workers, bankers or educators abed is vaut le voyage for more detailed tour rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk co-editor 20 blogs in economist-sdg series- sir fazle and japan embassy in dhaka kindly hosted remembrance party to dad norman macrae- i am pretty sure dad would have voted fazle as sharing the kind of knowhow every human being needs in these challenging 2020s though i am always happy to learn of who's knowledge i have never found a way to search  -related references royal families of japan uk and netherlands all of whom came to understood how the history of their nations trapping 6/10 peoples

some videos from other new university founders

ref alibabauni.com

listing boards of soros open society coalition and education platform OSUN.app

Global Board

The Global Board is the international advisory board to the Open Society Foundations. The Global Board is the only body that reviews and advises with respect to all programs and entities within the Open Society Foundations. The board considers the strategies submitted by all Open Society entities and programs, and conducts reviews and recommends corresponding budgets.

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The Open Society Foundations benefit from the advice and experience of the Advisory Boards, who advise the geographic programs. Members of the Advisory Boards of the geographic programs are prominent regional experts on the social, political, and economic issues of the geographic area. 

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