does your community have a crisis with 1 bankers 4 teachers 17 public servants? 1 ..2.. 3.. 4 5.. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 goals worth valuing -we call communities empowering the sdg- generation the 7th economy- help with guided tour of tech visionssdg=gen can leap ahead with 1 2
A very Scottish welcome to 2020s including cop26 & our media partners' 60 years celebration of how Asian African American youth's #digitalcooperation and local human services may yet save mother earth at every border

5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G moonrace1960s:

welcome to 5G 2020s:what if everywhere next girl is born felt like home ? maybe this is a crazy question only refugees or diaspora nationals value- or maybe it was the point of multiplying trillion times moore silicon tech than used to race to the moon- what dream do you want to linkin now UNwomens Asia America Arctic E1 E2
thanks attenborough: 7 worlds; guterres: 17 goals-welcome,
10 Economies through ages: china, india, japan, russia, germany italy, spain, uk, france, usa video tour 1

Play Labs @ MIT

Play Labs, a Summer Accelerator at MIT, Announces 2018 Class of Playful Startups and Demo Day Jul 19, 2018 SUMMER, 2018 CLASS ON THE MIT CAMPUS TO SHOWCASE 10 STARTUPS ACROSS A MIX OF ESPORTS, BLOCKCHAIN, VR/AR AND ED-TECH - unwomens articles rsvp Twitter June 2018: Trumps 100 bn dollar trade war china (50bn each side) will hurt small enterprises, spiral lose-lose sustainability crises locally. In world 85 trillion dollars of GDP, 100 mn dollars small beer? No! Economist last call right side of human sustainability
Breaking news Dec 2018- wishes to team up with student unions all along Education Belt Roads

Monday, December 31, 2012

notes before december 2012 by macrae family whose 1975 forecasts in The Economist mapped millennials sustainable world depending on collab china

Norman Macrae Foundation washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655.

download- synopsis on book on most important question ever asked- it all began here in Scotland over quarter of a millennium ago
The UK has invested more than any nation in social broadcasting media but at a time when peoples around the world need world service investigative journalism as to why low-trust top-down systems are spinning so much youth unemployment even as we could be celebrating the freedom of a million times more collaboration technology that when man raced to the moon.

..It was UK economist Keynes that concluded economists were capable ofdesigning futures that people most needed or
destroying futures peoples most needed but nothing much in between at times of great change.
My father's life work mainly at the Economist mapped how to make 2010s the most productive time for youth with the maturity of the first net generation and the possiblity to invest in co-producing exciting millennium goals
- see his 1984 bookon first 3 billion jobs for net generation to produce
help us find 100 leaders investing in 2010s = youth's most productive decade