wondering about whether 7th economy sustaining each next child born is possible
mathematically we hypothesise that this possibility depends on integrating rising not collapsing exponentials of 6 historical economies -the two paper currencies - the pound how 1% of people on an island financed and mapped the world; the dollar economy how 5% developed a continent and then twice saved the old world from the borders that island colonisation of old world had spiralled; 4 new economic possibilities that emerged from tech leaps in the 15 years after world war 2: crop science that ended starvation of billion people led by alumni of american borlaug but which had most impact for the asian half of the world's people who depended on rice; demings better engines economy which japan revealed by 1960 had 2 extraordinary impacts - better transport of both humans and goods from bullet trains to containerisation of ships- this built supercities across islands from japan to taiwan to hk to singapore including coastines free to join in such entrepreneurship beginning with south korea; manufactore of microelectronics which started with better ways of measuring time and pocket calculators; inspired the programable chip when intel found that one japanese calculator company had made such a big order of chips that it could afford to be dependable on designing just that chip- von neumanns development of the programmable computer which both stimulated kenned to charge youth with the most exiting goal in human history the moon race, and inspired gordon moore to promise the alnalytical capacity of machine intel would multiply 100 fold ever decade through the 0g 1970s to the 59 2020s- thats a trillion times more analysis power than needed to code moon landing; spaces death of cost of distance satellite communications and media economy
does your community have a crisis with 1 bankers 4 teachers 17 public servants?
1 ..2.. 3.. 4 5.. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 goals worth valuing -we call communities empowering the sdg- generation the 7th economy- help with guided tour of tech visionssdg=gen can leap ahead with 1 2
A very Scottish welcome to 2020s including cop26 & our media partners' 60 years celebration of how Asian African American youth's #digitalcooperation and local human services may yet save mother earth at every border

5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G moonrace1960s:

welcome to 5G 2020s:what if everywhere next girl is born felt like home ? maybe this is a crazy question only refugees or diaspora nationals value- or maybe it was the point of multiplying trillion times moore silicon tech than used to race to the moon- what dream do you want to linkin now UNwomens chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Asia America Arctic E1 E2
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10 Economies through ages: china, india, japan, russia, germany italy, spain, uk, france, usa
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Play Labs @ MIT


Play Labs, a Summer Accelerator at MIT, Announces 2018 Class of Playful Startups and Demo Day Jul 19, 2018 SUMMER, 2018 CLASS ON THE MIT CAMPUS TO SHOWCASE 10 STARTUPS ACROSS A MIX OF ESPORTS, BLOCKCHAIN, VR/AR AND ED-TECH

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1 if our friends can identify exactly who in rome is most interested in refugees- RANGA what is the first question yazmi as world number 1 refugee livelihood channel wants asked ? is ot who has budgets or can influence budget decision-makers if they believe in idea that every refugee should have a tablet - i need very simple question because every conversation needs sales pitch in italian and spanish

possible leads since bernardo was happy to nominate samara as a premio sciacca prizewinner , amy already knows the italian youth ambassador for thie network- in fact our whole central park south bootcamp  met him the day when flu prevented you from joining in- so once he understands the question we can also present that to central park south and they can tell us who in un might be interested - they have unhabitat people om secondment in geneva which i believe is where UNHCR is

as well as premio sciacca the main conclusion of last months nobel peace summit organised by rome was we call on governments to all transfer budgets to refugees- so we can work out how to talk to roman people there- the peace laureate summit share headquarters with green club of rome- amys current internship is with the leading green tv channel -at minimum  we can start up a conscious capitalism rome chapter and get them hosting meeting on green and refugee- and share ideas with conscious capitalosm dc

rome also has all un food agencies- while I am not sure how they fit in to your 2 main channels i can ask rome to start thinking about that

2 can we have this yazmi dialogue between silver spring and dubai specifically on what tricks we know about empowered language teaching for immigrants-
king and amy know the american world's leading expert in language empowering refugees Zara

I assume we should show any yazmi best features that can be used for language teaching in designing fast way to speak germa- since amy youth world's leading ex\pert in fast learning german

for example are we saying that we can quickly develop 20 hours of audio on speaking german- which  anyone with tablet could both practice live but also have programmed on to the refugee tablet once they got out of range or could web download once they are in germany

while you are live in range of yazmi language teaching are there any special smart learning tricks dubai already uses in maximing your medium

3 amys open space friends are maximally connecting with brooklyns first exchange project in africa which goes live january 28 in nairobi- we intend to have helped the nairobi team so  that they introduce us to everyone relevant in ihub and ushahidi crowdmapping

these could raise 2 questions: how do we do a first hackathon between yazmni silver spring and dubai and all africa networks of ihub i imagone we particularly want to ask ihub lenya who are their main partner hubs in addis- and do they already have projects that are mainly invested in by chinese  -also when noah asks what is a hackathon - thiis is a seminal bookmark winners of the first hackathon for refugees http://talkingpeacefestival.org/peacehack-2015-international-alerts-first-international-hackathon-series-announces-its-winners/
including inner: Safegees
Safegees is a mobile and web application that allows refugees to privately and, in a secure manner, geolocate people in their contact network. The app also gives you ‘points of interest’ tailored to refugees; these points of interest are provided by (vetted) NGOs working on the ground, who can upload the information through a web form. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring all data is secure. The app needs internet connection for some functions, but once basic information is loaded on your phone, it can also work offline. Organisations could also have access to anonymised data on the movement of users registered in the app as a way of seeing how the flow of refugees is changing on a minute-by-minute basis.The winners received two all expenses paid tickets to the Build Peace 2016 conference in Zurich.
while these may seem loke small ideas the point has always been why dont elearning and hackathons run continuously - the answer because existing education systems are disconnected with job creation -hubworld for teenagers intends to replace schools homework completely if need be -chat to jonathan about that
how do we research what crowdmapping projects coordinated with kenyas software movement (africa's leading open source language) are already being done with refugees

the point to note is that kenya is often called africas silicon valley precisely because usahahidi and ihub alumni are in the middle of everything african coders for africa build and of course they pull in google afriica where necessary - at one time one of the fobnders of ihub was headhunted to lead strategy for google africa -there's a very small group of africans who have seen almost every mobile leapfrogging - i think amy and brookyns friends jose and erasmus can help identify these- the other person who can especially since all cashless banking models from mpesa on are coded by the same group is naila- now i am not uptodate on how Yazmi ruto www.joywo.org  partnership with nao;a goes - but the point is once we have some of the answers to this mail a joint approach to naila needs to be made combing kings interests, your interests and coders interests including kiehl and tross (including her remit all across the latin and central  americas)

4 I am spending the last week of january at MIT on a project led by our friend  John Kiehl who is also in the middle of the michael moore movie and most relevant un sustaibability goal media - I am not quite sure what the question to ask wizards of apps is - is it just what apps can you imagine refugees need most ; or is it how do we train refugees to be coders of apps of what

4a if we can get some foot in door at mit then brooklyns main speaker in march has access to linking in all west coast coders around berkeley

and all of 4 can connect with app wizards in ihub

=of course you may have ideas of a different sequence of questions that these various groups can start linking in with each other- what i need to know dr ranga is if you still want to make priority presentations in new york to our 2 first brainstorming cluibs - at brooklyn led by amys best friend dean rolle; and at central park south hosted by amys friend dianne davies whose connections with the un are unlikely anyone elses

I actually need to talk to dean rolle tofay on some other issues -consequently urgency in sending this mail

cheers chris

other queries what is give directly to refugees already innovating

Give Syria's refugees cash and dignity, not food and blankets

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Financial Times
May 25, 2015 - Give Syria's refugees cash and dignity, not food and blankets ... In Jordan, out of every $100 that UNHCR receives, $98 is delivered directly to ...

The Risks and Rewards of Giving Money Directly to Refugees


Sep 11, 2015 - Peer-to-peer aid is more immediate—and much more complicated.

(on the topic of china-italian exhcnages paradoxicallypart of brooklyn jas the most concentrated hub of this 

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