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10 Economies through ages: china, india, japan, russia, germany italy, spain, uk, france, usa video tour 1 - unwomens articles rsvp Twitter June 2018: Trumps 100 bn dollar trade war china (50bn each side) will hurt small enterprises, spiral lose-lose sustainability crises locally. In world 85 trillion dollars of GDP, 100 mn dollars small beer? No! Economist last call right side of human sustainability
Breaking news Dec 2018- wishes to team up with student unions all along Education Belt Roads

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2 of the most vital belt road corridors illustrate how valuing refugees is critical to sustainability of that region- note the corridor east of india-china-bangladesh-myanmar-asean; currently with 1 million refugees at myanmar-bangladesh border

pivotal education summits- any celebrating knowhow of sir fazle abed brac: WISE@UNGA 2018 

eg urgent questions from millennial friendships correspondents - numbers linkin UN goals 

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