Open Space System Crisis Refugee- economists failure to value sustainable exponentials of death of cost of distance and social world trades of a borderless world. What if Open Learning presents 10 times bigger than past's zero-sum extraction? If 2015+: UN & sustainability goals reflected China's goodwill partnerships www eg Ethiopia's Satellite learning channels Yazmi help refugees recover livelihood freedoms?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

more on how to rock around the clock of amy's sustainability milleennials 2016 - coming soon

eg urgent questions from millennial friendships correspondents - numbers linkin UN goals 
ospace.JPG  join millennials OST co-editors at 
download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space  


- can OST help chinese peoples and sustainable communities (11) social innovation
-can every child experience open space before leaving school (4)
-next ref J14-18 new yorl prep for nairobi 28 jan 1000 girls schools pilot innovation of education that turns us into job creators not job seekers (4,5)

NOAH 1-3

1 How can we make one third of world's most urgently valued satellite learning channel that on livelihoods of refugees (10,16) - seconded by nomination by team bernardo for vatican laureate of intergenerational community world championships 2016

2 What is most valuable elearning channel that ethiopia that could united millennials could celebrate with visionary chinese sustainability investors- does it start with livelihood solutions to the great drought of 2015/2016 with desperate food shortages predicted to jine 2016 or beyond

3 Do lessons from Yazmi biggest channel in 2015 - kenya rachel ruto joyful women partnership transfer eg unilevers half a million joyful water women 


which worldwide intercommunity friendships do civil society students (especially girls) in poorer suburbs of new york -eg MEC Brooklyn - most need to connect during first year of United Sustainability goals- China? Rome? Dhaka? Kenya (eg IHUB and ushahidi and so Boston and Berkekey?), San Diego and so Baltimore?

How can all of CUNY students open space solutions to sustainability goals
How can the community building solutions our students dream of entrepreneurial partnering linkin to mobile coders hackathons and prizes- should our brooklyn navy hub lead on FabLab and makers faires ref ME1, ME2

Bernardo/Premio Sciacca

What if  MOOC edited by the Pope's inner circle or Jim Kim on health societies generate strong economics (not vice versa) was declared UN membership sustainability requisite  alongside any other economics professors course? In other words why do UN, Vatican and World Bank commit so much to PR channels, so little to learn directly's freedom of education channels (related give directly)

If Cuba celebrated its coming out to the world as a blueprint on the future of pr-youth education, what would that look like?

If China Laureates were fully represented in the Vatican's Intergenerational world championships Premio Sciacca who would be shortlised for 2016? And what would crossover celebrations look like with UN goal 11's first year of celebrations Quito 17-20 October 2016?

Capitalism King Conscious
1 everything that could ground replication of la maestra both sustainably for baltimore and as showcase for black community regeneration - i am still not sure i understand how that is different from san diego's origin of latino refugee community regeneration by females since urban black problems include boys too?- 
SOCIAL AD 'This Town,' by Mark Leibovich - The New York Times
The New York Times
Jul 25, 2013 - At times, this book is laugh-out-loud (as well as weep-out-loud). ... of money it has spent on lobbying and public affairs consulting in D.C.” 

2 everything that could make mackey want baltimore-dc to be epicentre of an intercity youth capitalims movement connecting with global sustainability millennials; i suppose the problem is he's the one top 500 business man not that much interested in china but then i dont know if any of his supply chains value integrity pass through there; 
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also doubt if he knows others most hurt by yunus turning into greenwasher of us youth-  know how the combined investments of ted turner family, jimmy carter family, luther king family and rosa parks lawyer, and various roman-centric peace laureates had been derailed by yunus fundraisers from atlanta staging youths gtreates ever sustainable communities summit last fall

2bis I dont know if mackey is up for a small circle debate on why preferential option poor is now the model he needs to twin conscious capitalism with
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3 black  for black banking - while this was the first lead theme of the first entrepreurial open space we ran at the eel of CUNY's only civil rights college Medgar Evers
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4 some connection if bring back free training and safe affordable community housing for nurses with all of above - most of the initial content is already with khan- quite why our elearning satellite people dont feature as much as i dreamed,,,if we could advance our project readiness on enough of above then we could negotiate with naila  as an equal - i would prefer to do that after 7 years experience of being her chief unequal connector

Team Kiehl
coming soon
xprize why not new york as world's favorite education capital of sustainable millennial livelihoods

mit 5 days of workshops-last week of january
global music 100 replicable prohects from music therapy
fablab 2.1 why not at brooklyn's navy yard incubator
code for all with eg wolfram
barnstorms the states of social solutions with moore

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