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Monday, August 31, 2015

fablabs and makers faires and crowdmaps

Usahidi/Crowdmap/Ihub/Hackathon - searching possibilities : refugees


from correspondent marinez
Hi Dean Rolle,

How are you? As promised, here's a small blurb on what I mentioned last week when we met during your Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit. Considering your enthusiasm, talented students and resources, I think it could be a great fit.

Here's the idea...

I'm planning on starting a new Fablab in NYC with a twist for problem solving of issues that youngsters experience in their own communities. I'm interested in probably involving your kids for a pilot. The emphasis will be  in programming, systems thinking and problem solving. During my days at the fablab project at MIT I helped create multiple labs throughout the world. This one will be special in terms of the tools the kids will use and the objective of the project.

I have some major support from some of the most influential technology and hardware companies at the moment but I need a group of kids that would be motivated to participate. If I'm right, we'll have kids coming out with patents before graduating high school. At a minimum, they'll at least have enough experience to get credits for an engineering degree.

It's possible that using some of Amy/Chris concepts from Open Spaces, we can help identify those issues that are really pressing and have the students themselves champion the solutions.

I hope you find this of interest. Let me know of your availability for a meeting to go over details a bit further.


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