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Saturday, September 14, 2019

17 sdgs first tour
Basic 6:
development of 8 billion humans begins and ends with 
how you design 
finance explains goal 1 poverty 
livelihood education goal 4

the 4 most basic community-grounding apps of your worldwide design of finance and  livelihood education are
health and safety goal 3
end hunger/famine- goal 2 - local food security

sanitation and water goal 6 

gender equality 5 - historically human strength impacted agricultural and industrial market  efficiency- cultures and history often made women underclasses - ie 4 billion people were less valued for their life's productive possibilities; this is one of the market (vale chain design) changes the age of trillion tomes moore tech (5G 2020s 4G 2010s 3G 2G 1G 1980s 0G 1970s)  than moon race (as breakthrough use of machine ai) needed to leapfrog with the way humans collaborated around machine intel and not juts machine power

they also explain the 2 meta-chinges drover of 1960-2030 tech how humans use artificial intelligence, and how we go beyond carbon chains in markets including energy and packaging eg reducing plastic

7 Energy (eg in industrial age markets of coal and steel as well as other natural resources); primarily G8 nations grew bigger and bigger empires designed to extract these resources from everywhere else- in so doing some of their people advanced at least 100 fold beyond subsistence- opportunity to innovate was also very unevenly distributed- even as some men landed on the moon in 1969 more than half of people had no access to electricity grids so eg only person to person communications- moores law timelined 1 trillion times more coms tech by 2030- sustainability would depend on how digital cooperation preferentially applied poorest

Goal 16 Peace/Justice it was known that the world wars were a single that 200 nations needed to mediate beyond the G8 world to value diversity and end inequalities- no peace could link places around the world including the bbc's Attenborough's 7 planets one world without redesigning the legislatures of 200 places and ending externalisation across borders the main driver of big get bigger emperors

Over 50 nations (small island developing nations) have huge water estates and small land to produce with - they depend on goal 14 of life below water eg fish a product nature has always distributed in boundariless ways through oceans - remaps the 7 worlds ; precursor blue planet shows eg ending plastic essential

Over 25 nations have the opposite challenge- only knowledge of land markets  (goal 15) no ocean access- this accelerates many conflicts - eg 90% of world trade depends on shipping so these nations need infrastructure belt roads shared with neighboring nations if they are to participate in globalisation-some nations like the congo have the unfairest history of all- empires have exploited their natural resources while leaving their peoples no trading infrastructures other than those that the world's biggest corporations design for their extractive economic models including 90 day profiteering

Are the other goals actually jigsaw pieces in system integration of 5G to -0G world
goal 17 private and public partners fails to triangularise ngos etc who value the younger half of the world as every place's win-win currency 

11 Sustainable cities and communities
10 Reduced inequalities
9 Infrastructure, Innovation/Industry
8 Decent world and economic growth
12 responsible production and consu,ption - market media and
13 climate action - market governanace &

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