Sunday, December 29, 2019

Last month george soros was forced to move his new university from budapest to vienna.- i see this a a huge austrian-hungarian opportunity- with scots one of the few consistently transparent economic ideologies . In the A_H case mapping continental development as opposed to scotland's maps of how islands (and remote regions eg nordica) interact with continents. My father 1984 report on sustainability challenges to 2025 was translated/updated into a special edition for nordica- THE NEW VIKINGS in 1993. Asia pacific can be seen to have developed billions of people by integrating 3 subsystems: rural keynsianism coined by my father in The Economist of the 1970s; the postindustrial growth resoling both the role of the world's wealthiest cities and the rest of the planet- the unique ngo economy that brac has become by always asking who are the most deeply trapped people by any sdg's challenge and whats the next preferential option poor program that needs entrepreneurial conceptualisation and scaled replication - more at and

we welcome contributions to soros bio as a world record jobs creators
-he often seeded things of which his new university is  just one example
he was early into support of black youth during apartheid days
from before the fall of the berlin wall he was ready to try to help foundations that made sense to gorbachev
he understood most of the crises the eu has uniquely spun across med sea facing nations
he provided the first funds for  Bangladesh village women to experiment with mobiles and thereby own part of the lowest cost 2g spectrum auction

the rumor that he authored the first blockchain paper is only a rumor but clearly his life has been about exposing the extreme harm of paper currencies giving those who lobby nationalist politicians a monopoly on designing financial services

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