Tuesday, March 17, 2020


arizona state scholars - online edu- walter kronkite journalism

ny state - world class performing arts - bard catalogue of community building - example brooklyn microuniversity ;; dc-baltimore schools- ineteconomics leader kaletsky- celebrating diverse societies - soros laureates.. with rome prize of aanual summit of nobel peace laureates lead host gorbachev,partner hub green club of rome

ny ineteconomics leaders include antone kaletski; uk partners include lord turne
eg edinburgh summit scottish awakening

vienna - ceu - world hub for global climate adaptability world class city of musicians

dhaka world class women solve community sdgs-
edu partners include lego pre-school yidan wise first laureate mastercard teen girls livelihood clubs
tech partners include mit legatum dubai
poverty partners include mit poverty lab abdul latif nobel economics 2019
health partners include soros jim kim paul farmer columbi u ;berkeley bangladesh diaspora irri - see james grant school public health
nutrition partners world food prize partners
curriculum of global banks with values - presencing institute mit

ghana alesi uni 6th wise laureate - also micrsoft and other top us internet alumni- collaboratory of new unis africa

open society communities require such basic capacities as
health and safety -soros alumni core partners include pih's jim kim and paul farmer from 2000, alumni of fazle abed soon thereafter- during q3 of 20th century 2 billion people life-saving apllicion netwrks - asian alumni of america borlug applied to rice science alumni of brefoot medics a network started in china but whose firstr gamechanng cure -billion person lifesaver oral rehydration - in both cases alumni of fazle abed bangladesh women empowerment linkin half century of applications by poorest village women- to serve small businesses across hundreds of thousands of viillage brac also invented microfinance

resilience through relief to development

Sunday, March 15, 2020

america never learnt from ebola because trump and fauci hated obama and jim kim- now they will lose the nation because og their egos - lets hope mayors and governors get the peoples support -now
rational optimism essential to mass media
rational optimism-
#evilfauci his goals will continue crisis across usa for more than a year- he has the precept healthy society generates strong economy wrong way round - he had years to learn from ebolathat testing needs to be last mile up for infectious diseases but the combo of cdc nih and trumpenomics made usa least prepped rich nation for a virus- and today we are crying wolf with a minor virus compared with one with a high mortality rate
nyu langone columbia presbyterian will be faster tester- the greatest public servant debrief than you mayor