Sunday, April 26, 2020

debate of the year - virus who pays

where is this debate opening across societies and borders
now that every person is onlin how do we map a global beyond borders
can boston make a come back with
will osun make this curriculum of the year across its 20 plus worldwide scholars webs
will jack ma's second year returning to being youth full time educator turn from olympics of sports celebrities to olympics of local heroes- does community health ai exist as a field if so why dont bezon and ma's beb services unite to show us how ro rock
ater 10 dusastrous statistical mistakes will governors take back escape from the virus world wherever americans most despeately need community action not washigon grandstanding
send us your question on the debate of a lifetime
I once asked who will pay for the COVID? From what I have seen, here are some possibilities
1. Individual taxpayer (no surprise, what else?)
2. Corporate taxpayer (especially those who have made a lot of money during this period)
3. Petro taxes: keeping the retail price constant, the government can cash in on the low petrol prices.
4. Insurance companies (this is what they do).
5. Governments could take debt (so finally taxpayer but spread over the years to our children and grandchildren).
6. Shareholders take risk and should bear risk as far as bankruptcy is concerned. This includes pension funds who took the risk... can't just have gains.
7. Charity.
8. Issue new money (see Milford Bateman's comment below).
9 China pays (can't understand why, wonder which country is going to be charged for Ebola or AIDS or any other illness). Of course, China may say US pays... lets make US great again?
10. Germany pays! This is a new one, in the name of European solidarity. Not so new if one remembers my paper on Greece: the price of access to markets must be social security subsidies for weaker countries. (At that time I hadn't thought of "weak" meaning those more susceptible to a virus, though).
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

sos virus- which city will be first to design the 1000 youth franchise needed to trace the virus- this became the main agenda of the 10th annual summit of #cgiu2020, first virtual summit- edinburgh university vc was promised april 2021 for next cgiu real summit- chelsea clinton announced boston coordinated by pih paul farmer will lead the way in designing us public health service of youth tracers - part of the puzzle paul farmer is medical worlds chief saint but scaling has often involved support of soros, jim kim and last mile health in rural areas - a curriculum developed by fazle abed and launched within the medical college named after james grant - the first of several world class scholars movements gravitated by the abed university of brac and now of     soros