Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Diaries of refugees fascinate us wherever they clarify which maps humans trade round are 
above zero sum- eg systems designed by mathematicians- we can all agree arabian numerals are better than Roman MCXLVI for computing, Unfortunately refugeed can be defined as being in places where below zeo sum trading turns into wars,

If there is a silver lining it is that (mainly  jewish) refugees from 20th C world wards became the GOATS of msths and emigrated from Swiss corrodor born 1865 (actually HAGS - hungsry auustria getrmany swiss) 
From 1951 Von Neumann on behalf of Goats asked Scottsh Diaspora members of my family and The Economist to diarise the most valuable refugee scoop of all- what good can humans unite with 100 times more tech every decade- our diaries call 2nd half of 20th c the tele2 ers; 
within 5 years of Von Neumann's death The Economist was regularly reporting leaps from 5 hi-tech vcorroidors and their intersections for the good of 20% Atlantic people, 70% Pacifica, and the 10% ot 100% who might most need to be concerned with the arcic circles or the equator where mostknown  energy resources map

neumsnn ws psrtivulrly concerned with 80 years 2025-1945- in other words how tele2 revolved into what those who value UN goals now call web1-2-3. His networks had seen the 80 years 1945 to 1865 spiral into 2 world wars dominated by 7 western empires plus Japan (the G8). If with the birth of the UN there was to be an orer of magnitide more tech per decade than the tele1 era- would the expoential consequences for the human race by 2025 would be either much better or much worse than world wars? See our overtime 2030-2025 debate and mu8c more at Neumann.ning.com

Scots in 1700s became diarists of what the heck was London's world trade capital up to from start of 1500s ,pst transparently recoder in Adam Smiths bookd morals 1758, nationsd 1776. After a gap to 1843 The Economist bevame Queen Victoria's diarist. Before 1500 we refer to Franciscan diaries - was ot possible to turn med sea into a win-win teading ocean with tyhe far east china sea with an overland relay in between. If you want to read all about 0 to 2000 from the viewpoint of the far east we refer to frind Ezra Vogel who sadly died 2021

Friday, December 23, 2022

 Being a teen of 1960s decade of moon landing, I probably hoped that by 2020s economics of refugees would be mainly an item from history but as those of us (von neumann and other alumni) who study the marriage of human and artificial intellect now know - now know with ever more 20th 21st C budget spent on wats between borders , with nature, even with our own youths futures, let alone MAD CONDITIONS SPUN  BY LONELY OLD MEN  PRONE TO WORLD DOMINATION, THERE WILL BE NO PEACE AND PERHAPS NO SPECIES UNLESS WE EMPOWER REFUGEE FAMILIES , AND LEARN

BACK IN 1971 BANGLADESH opened up THE BIGGEST REFUGEE COLLAB IN THE WORLD to understand the relevance of that to 21st C Universities, or to LEADER GUTERRES & TODAY UN2 as well as good  tech and egov or to Bangla ongoing fdevelopment  please start here

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Sear Mother Earth - diaries of diaspora family & friends

 Since getting my masters in statisrics corpus christi cambribdge 1973, i have looked at the maths of mwdia and mediation and education. By now in 2023 I mathematically trust (and have published/archived)  cases that go back through family trees . that's far more than hundreds of competing sub-jargons professional silos as far as designing wen 3,2,1 tele2,1,0 media for next generation celebration goes. Of course I may be biissed by my own family tree- so for transparemcy's sake let me begin with one of those (and i welcome conversation around your family tree- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Take dad Norman for example whose searches we try to catch up with at EconomistDiary.com:

homeschooled to 13 in british embassies eg Stalin's Moscow because his dad was  one of Britain's main between the wars sources on the growing evils of hitler & stalin

spent last days as teen navigator allied bomber command burma, now myanmat one of the epicentres of refugee crises

his good fortune of surviving was mulrtiplied by 3 extrordinary teachers who finished off his delayed education as a young adult

keyens dad was in last Cambridge class while returning to complete economics degree corpus christi 

hired by the economist where  ED geoffrey crowther tested him on the newly minted centenary biography of the economist 1943-1843

seconded to new york for year of 1951 where Norman met Von Neumann princeton who asked whetehr economist journalists would want to mediate the scoop: what goods will peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade? Specifically will the developmet of Artificial Intellects support leaps forward in Sustaining Human Livelihoods of millennials allaround mother earth?

of course the UN had been born (with a species of multilateras from 1945)  to officially mediate that question, to which dad started supplementing 3 kinds of genre, the first 2 platformed with The economist and its local to global readership

-surveys of what people in particular places needed to enjoy families and life more - in addition to EU where dad was only journalisat at 1955's birth messina, dad started annual surveys of places -whose nEWs (EastWEST;NOTH SOUTH) that most puzz;ed him - his old enemy Japan 1962 which he joyfully found to have discovered 2 economic models all asia rising needed as agreed by President kennedy; please remember both of mu family trees are far north diaspora having come form scottish clans but having lived and workded with kind people the world over

Russia 1963, Latin America 1964, S Africa & Algeria ... by 1977 a survey og the half of peoples living East of Iran. These were openly curious reports of what help or mutual exchnages peoples needed next if fmilies were to advance humanity but clarified in languages  relevant to von neumann futurists and moral scottish economics mapamkers Its worth recalling that of the 2 billion beings in 1945 - probably less than quarter had expereinced the tele1 age not having access to electricity grids- so when Neumann asked what goods would peoples unite he and norman were hoping for an era of cooperation not more of the 8 biggest empired designing win-lose trading models with the rest of human being

From about 1970, his 2-week trip  and washington Dc survey of Mr Nixon's America perturbed father- what would be the expoenetial consequences of Nixon's hatred of students and taking the dollar off the gold standard; so as not to confuse discussiosn with macroeconomist supports of big us forces dad started genres of future history and entrepreneurial revolution as well as continuing to argue from all 4 hemisphere's views of the world not just washington DC's consensus. Actually friendly Americans and by now dad's japanese helped helped father as much as anyone in recounting these maps and sysetsmic interactions.

After 35 yeras of weekily reporting out of The Economist 1983, dad was funve years from retirement so i joined him in co-authoring the 2025 report genre- as well as background research for von neumann biography. Neumann had alsways set 2025 - 80 yeras on from end of world war 2 as an audit period for huamnity - hoping that 80 year period woy=uld go better than the first 80 year period of telecoms 1945-1865 which gravitated out oif switzerland with birth of ITU 1865 and the Goats of maths who emigrated from the central euro swiss coordir to be free of hitler/stalin in a way parrallel to Norman's own development 

Does all of this have relevance to the most irgent cooperative innovations humans need today>