Friday, December 23, 2022

 Being a teen of 1960s decade of moon landing, I probably hoped that by 2020s economics of refugees would be mainly an item from history but as those of us (von neumann and other alumni) who study the marriage of human and artificial intellect now know - now know with ever more 20th 21st C budget spent on wats between borders , with nature, even with our own youths futures, let alone MAD CONDITIONS SPUN  BY LONELY OLD MEN  PRONE TO WORLD DOMINATION, THERE WILL BE NO PEACE AND PERHAPS NO SPECIES UNLESS WE EMPOWER REFUGEE FAMILIES , AND LEARN

BACK IN 1971 BANGLADESH opened up THE BIGGEST REFUGEE COLLAB IN THE WORLD to understand the relevance of that to 21st C Universities, or to LEADER GUTERRES & TODAY UN2 as well as good  tech and egov or to Bangla ongoing fdevelopment  please start here

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