Tuesday, October 30, 1984

MASTERCLASS100 whose knowhow do teachers and students of sdg generation most need t practice

masterclass100 drafting
choice of alumni of fazle
1-6 vincent chang with mit bkash/gabv.org & health jim kim & open source purpose tim berners lee & asia pacific rising - ezra vogel
13-16 ban ki moon climate
4 yidan edu laureates
4 lego with jesus college and
3 jack ma with widan nurses
sheikha moza/queen ranier with mahbubani
4 gates foundation or jim kim

choice of bard university
botstein with yo yo ma
soros with kalestki
gorbachev with club of rome
patrick alesi with africa unga host
craig barrett with arizona

choice of alumni of ka-shing universities - eg cindy mi, jack ma ,...

choice of masterclass
martin scorcese

draft masterclass 100 update week 14 of 2020- way 44 of 81 ways smithian searched round sdg world

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