Monday, November 5, 1984

united we study- why not one online OSUN.APP for all student teachers of beating virus-

Chris Macrae

osun open society un partners world sdg solutions eg 260 years adam smith alumni 50 of what would you want

our 1984 book -2025 report: tech can value 9 times healthiertweet anthology; virus big data owners other billionaires

9 times more communal finance, more diverse livelihood education, more transparent professions, smarter win-wins between energy for humans and machines, heroes millennials need - mapping why sustainability would require massive cooperation by online student teachers of sdg generation fighting exponential risks, designing big data platforms to locally serve most urgent sdgs needs every community needs to app- so now we are all online lets examine which cities educators want to linkin valuing youth's healthy futures and mobile wizardry and community service wherever mother nature Open Society Uniting Nations -date 1 assuming new york cant physically celebrate september's 75th birthday of UN-howdo linkin virtually

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