OH wxyZ -WE MAY NEVER GET DOWN AGAIN: what we knew about global viruses in 2005
we welcome ideas on zooms june 2020 -10th remembrance of dad norman macrae - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
June marks the 10 anniversary of death of my father Norman Macrae The Economist's entrepreneurial revolution and end poverty sub-editor. We are organising a zoom calendar. I have appended a short excerpt of The Economist's remembrance party.
Favorite events after his death-
the Japan Embassy in Dhaka and Open Society Laureate Sir Fazle Abed organised 2 dinner roundtables on the future of university and future of fintech -transforming education and health by 2025 was the core idea of my father and my 2025 report published in 1984 as timelines to sustainability opposite to orwell's end game

Adam Smith scholars held an event at Glasgow U aiming to celebrate bottom up entrepreneurs 250th year of man and machines started by smith and james watt in 1760 - an online catalogue of papers helped me learn a lot!

Dad had survived war as teen navigating raf planes over modernday myanmar- not to every politician's liking, he was always trying to roll back the traps across the old world continent caused primarily by britannia and japan's colonial era- father saw people like Soros and Gorbachev as huge heroes- one of dad's main retirement projects was the biography of John Von Neumann

Optimistic Rationalism is as vital in 2020 as any time in my memory.
sincerely, chris macrae washington dc +1 240 316 8157

masterclass100.com a young journalists research coalition of
The Norman Macrae Archive

breaking april 2020 join guterres coalitions lets end all wars on people and unite around ending virus
2020s sdgs most exciting decade -
according to adam smith school of economics and humanities started 1760, at least 4 of sdg world's top 10 economists abed ma gandhi and brilliant have a lot in common- they all valued education and health as building economies not vice versa-all needed alumni to study borlaug app'd to rice science to end billion people famines across all of rural asia- furthermore, ma and abed - however much their life work focused on financing health and village markets value chains -wanted their legacy to include arts/sports for all- kobe.mba recommends you start up with cindy mi to make this connection- or global classroom twitter listings

more connections at economisthealth.com economistrefugee.comeconomistarts.com economistsports.net- masterclass100.com

human development's most urgent question- how will next girl/boy born be included in entrepreneurially joyful life? mapped from 3 future history's
-last call UN5.0 sdgs:2030-2015
-first post-colonial call UN san francisco 2030-1945
-start of engineering & markets morals glasgowU 2030-1760

lets begin with :IF you are a young refugee your life depends not on people chatting about the 17 sdgs but peer to peer apprenticing replicable solutions goals 1-6 go together - you need a coalition between teachers and students that explains goal 1 ending poverty is linked to how to finance the refugee to maximise community last mile health services and unless you are in a camp to maximise food and water security and safety for women as much as for boys-brac partners inspired for half a century by former royal dutch shell ceo for east pakistan fazle abed have been developing this action learning curricula for 50 years and currently update it with rohinga and wherever un hubs of education above all connect refugees -as well as curricula sustaining refugees brac partners wizards likemit/quadirs/gates/jack ma in delivering digital finance for unbanked

- goal 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G
radical edu 1 2

Soros founded CEU-graduate institution-30 years out of homeland Budapest moved nov2019 to Vienna, Soros Central European Uni- uniting post USSR youth with global youth- mitigating conflicts of EU, middle east, landlocked epicenter of Eurasia east west- and arctic circle north to mid east to African south: the UN world of health, peace and trade, global sports, mobile tech hub out of Vienna, Geneva neutrality of bankers, ethics global sports ngos and hopefully climate adaptability risk – alumni of ban ki-moon, and music/arts city of europe

OSF’s Higher Education Support Program (HESP) effectively served as a Marshall Plan for higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. CEU, founded in 1991, became a unique model in graduate education

CEU hosts annual 5 day student friendships summit “get engaged”

OSBs MK 1 2 Tweet Alex soros georgesoros

Mar 31 The organization I founded, the Open Society Foundations, will contribute €1 million to aid the city of Budapest in solidarity with the people of my birthplace in the midst of this unprecedented emergency. https://trib.al/rGcfGjZ

Bard university- 21stc Swarthmore out of NY state- led by world class musical composer Leon Botstein- trusted by Soros as facilitator in chIef- was growing great NY hub on 86st but currently all hubs closed down- experiential learning of American and global youth friendships- first access to Soros Open Society culture hubs & economists. LB +OS global12 Soros G A MsA Kaletsky MallochB CEU Ignatieff Rev Krastev MsCattaui Gaspard D-Sachs SchiffrinCU

Princeton U global history lab .. mooc

Hub in high schools with Brooklyn library with branches long island, Baltimore, DC, & returning citizens.

Bard at berlin. At QUIDS Palestine


Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (United States) 1
Chatham House (United Kingdom) 1
Institute for New Economic Thinking (United States and United Kingdom) -see lower box
Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Austria) 1
Open Society Archives (Hungary) 1
Rift Valley Institute (Kenya) 1
The Talloires Network boston tufts uni 1

Out of Dhaka, ABED U of BRAC & OSUN. Led today by Vincent Chang, Fazle Abed began Brac U with friends of James Grant health college including Swarthmore epidemiologist David Fraser. The goal to celebrate SDG futures of Asian youth, public servants, tech leaders, girl-safe community-links with world’s largest ngo partnership. Abed’s 50 years of poverty alleviation networking stemmed from being Glasgow engineering graduate and Royal Dutch Shell regional CEO for East Pakistan. Brac empowers village women community building- microfranchising health food, finance livelihood edu 1- first 30 years peer to peer in villages with no electricity- last 20 years choose leapfrog partners. brac and ashesi only wise laureates where university is core model celebrated by Sheihka Moza

Brac = world’s largest 2g fintech poor www.bkash.com with mit-legatum, gates, jack ma and integrated partner licenes such as ultra poor recent nobel prize win for mit poverty lab, james grant school of public health, lego-brac global pre-schools with yidan (ten cent hong kong) and yidan Europe- cambridge Uni- adolescent girls clubs brac international netherlands and mastercard foundation Canada. Gabv.org with visa presencing institute mit. Brac triangualised microhealth, microedu, microfinance-in scaling economic coalition it connects 4 value chains of sustainability – ie one village, 200k villages, national, global

osun members update nov 2020- OSUN Partners Colleges and Universities Al-Quds University/Al-Quds Bard American University of Beirut American University in Bulgaria American University of Central Asia Arizona State University Ashesi University Bard College Bard College at Simon’s Rock Bard College Berlin Bard Early Colleges Birkbeck, University of London Center BRAC University Central European University European Humanities University Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania Sciences Po SOAS, University of London Universidad de los Andes University of the Witwatersran

Research and Educational Institutions Bard Prison Initiative Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Chatham House Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen Institute for New Economic Thinking Parami Institute Princeton Global History Lab Rift Valley Institute The Talloires Network University of California, Berkeley Human Rights

1 2Out of Accra, Ghana Ashesi U founded by Patrick Awuah and friends Microsoft Seattle -future of African sdg youth, public servant leaders, tech, youth hubs. Patrick adapting 20 years collaboratory of Africa new Unis and hubs (eg Kenya Ihub). Ashesi is the main U model celebrated by WISE’s Moza & Ghana president -both top 17 UN eminents of SDGs- and closely mentored by Mahbubani of Singapore Uni celebrating and dedicated to Lee Kuan Yew- next Mahbubani worldwide seminar out of china institute in NY- 4/7/2020. Africa also has greatest medical teaching school last mile health in Rwanda Jim Yong Kim/Paul Farmer. Soros had sponsored brac Liberia and sierra leone ahead of ebola)

Question – what works masterclass, zoom, various mooc platforms, Arizona states platforms, hujiang 40000 live classroom.,tencent/baidu platforms. how’s this vary by bandwidth

Arizona state soros us trusted leader in online education- major retirement project since 2009 of former intel ceo craig barrett- craig had tried Bangladesh-intel as his last csr project but knew yunus not abed

Vital edu jack ma 1 2

2009 Soros launched ineteconomics to reverse global meltdown and map rising community nets. Soros helps mediate moving beyond paper currencies and nationalist politicians. He supports theory of economics reflexivity which can help update 260 years of Smithian moral philosophy

In late 1990s soros 2 greatest sdg successes found jim kim and paul farmer, sponsored first mobile phone village tests- boston epicenter of both- by 2005 jim kim had found both gates and abed and by 2012 soros wanted ceu to br abed’s best partner-ceu also has 20 laureate alumni curricula starting with popper

Soros partnership with gorbachev and lech walesa caused birth of open society offices in 150 capitals, and soros helped gorbachev launch annual summit on nobel peace laureates aswell as youth solidarity networks-main partnerjournalists at club of rome also green advocates

Soros first philanthropy coined term entrepreneurial evolution with south African youth- potentially tracks world from mandela back to Gandhi- attenborough family is bbc world leading editor n nature and Gandhi-

London U -soas machel online – school oriental African studies & Birkbeck

Paris science po-nb parish hq of UN education & Unesco

ALSO American uni at Kyrgyzstan and Bulgaria, European U of humanities Lithuania, Fulbright U Vietnam, U los andes colombia

Open society laureates Austrian Karl popper origin of laureates 1994– global 2016 / MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERE 2014 / KRISTALINA GEORGIEVA EU crisis response Haiti, Pakistan, and Chile after natural disasters. 2012 / ARYEH NEIER, Former President of the Open Society Foundations- 2011 co-recipient 2011 / JAVIER SOLANA, RICHARD C. HOLBROOKE, 2010 / LOUISE ARBOUR, President and CEO of The International Crisis Group 2008 / KOFI A. ANNAN, Seventh Secretary-General of the United NationsGlobal south 2013 / SIR FAZLE HASAN ABED KCMG, Founder and Chairperson of BRAC 2006 / RICARDO LAGOS, Former President of ChileCentral Europe: 2018 / JANOS KORNAI 2007 / CARLA DEL PONTE, Former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 2002 / MIKHEIL SAAKASHVILI, Former Minister of Justice of Georgia and co-recipient ZURAB ZHVANIA, 2001 / BRONISLAW GEREMEK, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland 2000 / ARPAD GONCZ, President of the Republic of Hungary and co-recipient MAMPHELA RAMPHELE, a Managing Director of the World Bank1999 / VACLAV HAVEL, President of the Czech Republic :: 2017 Germany Joachim Gauck 2015 / THE INTERNATIONAL RENAISSANCE FOUNDATION creation open society Ukraine- 2009 / MARTTI AHTISAARI, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2008), Former President of the Republic of FinlandUS 2019 / STIGLITZ T 2003 / TOM LANTOS, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

Thursday, December 31, 2015

 reality's maths of trust-flow and purpose

mit workshop on 20 years of research on this

issues which may not go down well in top academia are the maths is almost too simple  --- the wicked problem is framing 

??how everyone starting with those representing those with the least but the most critical need - can look for and action purposeful trust flow especially in what i call  markets that need to be freed as the social world trade sectors - in which father and i would argue (1985 book you have) experiential learning married to give directly apps or open collab hacks is the new economy (10 times more jobs rich than extracting everyone to death)

so when i first spent a year on the web in 1995 i manually hosted organisation creativity network - consensus was people need to get smarter at questioning not rush to claim they have the perfect answers to rule in standardised tests instead of value contextual diversity

I am a bit wary - the only time i gave a lecture at harvard university - to the co-founder of the company and then harvard department head of mass media,  i had mostly worked for most of prior 15 years the end verdict was chris you may be right but there would never be any research funds for that - please go away- fortunately i see mit as potentially the opposite space to harvard just across the river that they are 

the really wicked problem but i dont trust a maths rush to it in a university- i mean all the great maths of 20th c were on their own not doing research specified by bureaucrats contracts - how do you end risk compounding at boundaries caused by the biggest professions exponentially externalising/separating their clients system responsibilities - sadly the constitution of the European Union is worst in the world for managing this innovation

boundaries pose the greatest maths error possible in a world now more connected than separated  -back in 1995 the only business school head i could find who was happy with my thinking was david weir - not sure if he is still online; by around 2004 i was hoping to be the maths guy for pauls global reconciliation network but that fell through too -this time i certainly wont try explicitly to be the maths guy for pope francis- 

it seems i have a lot of falling through to do in my life -not quite sure if I deserve all the boos i get but then i appreciate harrison owen view that sustaining really big innovation involves talking people especially the most arrogant high up and those suffering most from their folly grandeurs who are at war with each other through the same conflict barrier simultaneously- this live skill i will never have- if amy eventually finds the right bosses or empowers of her i would guess she will have facilitatability in diamonds so to speak if anyone her age can

all i can probably explain why qualitative framing is important from maps i made in the 1980s of what societies most wanted from world's biggest new product developers using mit express software -ultimately we used lot of quantitatve tools but ceo.boardroom leaders only wanted to play with simple maps and ultimately qualitative

i would also say that sir fazle abed - founder of the biggest and most collaborative ngo is my number 1 operational execution trust benchmark - his bon mots small may be beautiful but in ending poverty in bangladesh large scale open replicability (the 3Es) is absolutely essential

my reframing starts with idea of deep gravitational purpose  -get it deep and can attract hi-trust as big as purpose is needed round the world

- if you serve/flow that trust through local communal ways to replicate solutions anywhere in analagous need

some thinking necessary to see if the maths has a proof why open space is the world most collaborative mediation network for happy young sustainability millennials able to work 20 hours a day when so called

chris macrae  www.economistrefugee.com 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1 if our friends can identify exactly who in rome is most interested in refugees- RANGA what is the first question yazmi as world number 1 refugee livelihood channel wants asked ? is ot who has budgets or can influence budget decision-makers if they believe in idea that every refugee should have a tablet - i need very simple question because every conversation needs sales pitch in italian and spanish

possible leads since bernardo was happy to nominate samara as a premio sciacca prizewinner , amy already knows the italian youth ambassador for thie network- in fact our whole central park south bootcamp  met him the day when flu prevented you from joining in- so once he understands the question we can also present that to central park south and they can tell us who in un might be interested - they have unhabitat people om secondment in geneva which i believe is where UNHCR is

as well as premio sciacca the main conclusion of last months nobel peace summit organised by rome was we call on governments to all transfer budgets to refugees- so we can work out how to talk to roman people there- the peace laureate summit share headquarters with green club of rome- amys current internship is with the leading green tv channel -at minimum  we can start up a conscious capitalism rome chapter and get them hosting meeting on green and refugee- and share ideas with conscious capitalosm dc

rome also has all un food agencies- while I am not sure how they fit in to your 2 main channels i can ask rome to start thinking about that

2 can we have this yazmi dialogue between silver spring and dubai specifically on what tricks we know about empowered language teaching for immigrants-
king and amy know the american world's leading expert in language empowering refugees Zara

I assume we should show any yazmi best features that can be used for language teaching in designing fast way to speak germa- since amy youth world's leading ex\pert in fast learning german

for example are we saying that we can quickly develop 20 hours of audio on speaking german- which  anyone with tablet could both practice live but also have programmed on to the refugee tablet once they got out of range or could web download once they are in germany

while you are live in range of yazmi language teaching are there any special smart learning tricks dubai already uses in maximing your medium

3 amys open space friends are maximally connecting with brooklyns first exchange project in africa which goes live january 28 in nairobi- we intend to have helped the nairobi team so  that they introduce us to everyone relevant in ihub and ushahidi crowdmapping

these could raise 2 questions: how do we do a first hackathon between yazmni silver spring and dubai and all africa networks of ihub i imagone we particularly want to ask ihub lenya who are their main partner hubs in addis- and do they already have projects that are mainly invested in by chinese  -also when noah asks what is a hackathon - thiis is a seminal bookmark winners of the first hackathon for refugees http://talkingpeacefestival.org/peacehack-2015-international-alerts-first-international-hackathon-series-announces-its-winners/
including inner: Safegees
Safegees is a mobile and web application that allows refugees to privately and, in a secure manner, geolocate people in their contact network. The app also gives you ‘points of interest’ tailored to refugees; these points of interest are provided by (vetted) NGOs working on the ground, who can upload the information through a web form. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring all data is secure. The app needs internet connection for some functions, but once basic information is loaded on your phone, it can also work offline. Organisations could also have access to anonymised data on the movement of users registered in the app as a way of seeing how the flow of refugees is changing on a minute-by-minute basis.The winners received two all expenses paid tickets to the Build Peace 2016 conference in Zurich.
while these may seem loke small ideas the point has always been why dont elearning and hackathons run continuously - the answer because existing education systems are disconnected with job creation -hubworld for teenagers intends to replace schools homework completely if need be -chat to jonathan about that
how do we research what crowdmapping projects coordinated with kenyas software movement (africa's leading open source language) are already being done with refugees

the point to note is that kenya is often called africas silicon valley precisely because usahahidi and ihub alumni are in the middle of everything african coders for africa build and of course they pull in google afriica where necessary - at one time one of the fobnders of ihub was headhunted to lead strategy for google africa -there's a very small group of africans who have seen almost every mobile leapfrogging - i think amy and brookyns friends jose and erasmus can help identify these- the other person who can especially since all cashless banking models from mpesa on are coded by the same group is naila- now i am not uptodate on how Yazmi ruto www.joywo.org  partnership with nao;a goes - but the point is once we have some of the answers to this mail a joint approach to naila needs to be made combing kings interests, your interests and coders interests including kiehl and tross (including her remit all across the latin and central  americas)

4 I am spending the last week of january at MIT on a project led by our friend  John Kiehl who is also in the middle of the michael moore movie and most relevant un sustaibability goal media - I am not quite sure what the question to ask wizards of apps is - is it just what apps can you imagine refugees need most ; or is it how do we train refugees to be coders of apps of what

4a if we can get some foot in door at mit then brooklyns main speaker in march has access to linking in all west coast coders around berkeley

and all of 4 can connect with app wizards in ihub

=of course you may have ideas of a different sequence of questions that these various groups can start linking in with each other- what i need to know dr ranga is if you still want to make priority presentations in new york to our 2 first brainstorming cluibs - at brooklyn led by amys best friend dean rolle; and at central park south hosted by amys friend dianne davies whose connections with the un are unlikely anyone elses

I actually need to talk to dean rolle tofay on some other issues -consequently urgency in sending this mail

cheers chris

other queries what is give directly to refugees already innovating

Give Syria's refugees cash and dignity, not food and blankets

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May 25, 2015 - Give Syria's refugees cash and dignity, not food and blankets ... In Jordan, out of every $100 that UNHCR receives, $98 is delivered directly to ...

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Sep 11, 2015 - Peer-to-peer aid is more immediate—and much more complicated.

(on the topic of china-italian exhcnages paradoxicallypart of brooklyn jas the most concentrated hub of this