Saturday, June 16, 2018

which belt road route do your people mpost nmeed to be win-win route

  • 0 - supercity connections inside china route  -with over half a billion under 30's livelihoods to sustain mainly with collaborative education exchanges with worldwide youth, china cities are fascinating to explore-what's each city's responsibility to poorest regions it connects; whats its trading responsibilities to outside worlds' what social inventions is it a hub for every other city to then replicate- this is the exact opposite of me-too competition between america's big cities and states; no wonder chinese youth invite american youth to join them in celebrating whatever sustainability purpose most excites them and applaud other nations like korea for launching world benchmarking of green big bang- here are some of the ways to value league tables: top tech for all cities; top ;port cities; top charming ecotourist cities for secondary summits and deep alumni (eg city annual summit on ingernet); gateway good-road neigbour cities to ,landlocked countries- eg chengdu for all s asia

  • 1 neighbour route 
  • 1a refugee route - china-myanmar-bangladesh india-gulf-=suez -good news may 2018 alipay-bkash start connecting 
  • 1ab sino-south asia (3 billion peoples) routes in more details  - see aiib 2018 mumbai and connections with sco-qingdao june; brics southafrica sept

  • 1ac sino-asean routes bad news june new government in malaysia tears ewtp model - see minute 1145 of this video 

  • 1b route china hk taiwan koreas japan route - good news moon jae-in first international summit aiib2017 jeju- jeju governor launches green big bang benchmaking club : 2000 \mayors and governors racing to carbon zero; first olympics co-sponsored by jack ma starts warming between all korean peoples..
  • 1c ne east polar route ib plus east belt russia , alaska , eastern entrance to arctic circles
1d mongolia- central north eusrasia belt
1e china direct routes through russia to nordica and north west polar arctic circle route

1f sco/kazikstan biggest landlocked country in world ,meta-project 1 china express across whole of eurasia
1f sco/kazikstan meta-project 2 with 1ab china-sco-pakistan- gulf -djipouti-suez-med sea route
if sco kakikstan meta-project other neighbors - eg how to bring peace to afghanistan and neighbors

2= s asian views of 1ab and 1ac - plus more details of superports eg colombo, gwadar,   to 7 oman (see aiib projects), 9 djibouti (gateway to east africa projects), to europe - see belt road5  - greece, turkey , ...

IMAGINEER : where do superports and (roads -including rail, pipes for energy cable water sanitation) need to be so that all [peoples/communities can win-win trade with all other sustainable communities

3= russian imagineering - eg see tufts summit of russian youth barinstorming with other 8 nations youth or arctic circle

4=east europe views
5= west europe views
sa west europe with med sea coast have much more sustainable friendly views than other euro countries- before 1500, to face the med sea was the happiest national location of all - how did it become the late 20th c sea of refugees/- will brussels/berlin/basle and bad banking and  euro's bureaucratic losers of youth's futures take responsibility for this terrible continental mapping- see 7 days briefing of beijing students by romano prodi spring 2017

6 = north americas views
7=stans and middle east views
8=med sea
10=latin ameerica

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

MY FAMILYS/FRIENDS PRIME QUESTION SINCE WORLD WAR 2 -eg debated for 50 years at The Economist

MAPPING POST COLONIAL WWW? Can we design education's communications tech and financial systems so trade goes  from zero sum to win-win for all our children (girls and villages first as schumacher-keynes-franciscans-confucians prioritise) as the first sustainability generation

WE see in BRI a triangularisation of new designs:
BELT coastal Belts superports
ROADS-RAILS  free (in)land locked routes for everyone/smallest to trade - straight line rails pipes (eg energy cable water...) so that villages and supercities connect, and borders are bridged
IMAGINE village world where sustainbility/security is audited/action networked by girls lift up half the sky ( Oxfam's ivory tower boards are not at all what paulo freire mapped or montessori practised)

We see 3Quarters of a century of the East benchmarking how worldwide youth can get to sustainability in time

In Q1 50-75 japan and korea electrical engineers invented win-win of quality electronic engineering/architecture, super-rails (both bullet and metro) and superports ; the usa took this into space while the east stayed much more grounded

china diaspora extended coastal belts superports ; by 1975 japan and china diaspora were 2nd and 3rd biggest economoies; in china and bangladesh famines had killed off over 10% of the 1960s population and infant girls were the biggest loser. Both started keynsian agrarian revolutions as well as valuing girls cultural ones - revaluing (mathematically integrating exponentials) villages and girls LIFTS UP HALF THE SKY

Both Q2 75--00 predigital ; Q3  00-25 have seen china and bangladesh miracles continue - china enjoyed fast track base of any inward investment it wanted from china diaspora; bangladesh has had next to nothing other than the stories of muhammad yunus the realities of brac and the most extraordinarily energised girls collaboration networks

Making sure brac's story is collaboratively understood is pivotal now- actually wars will lose the race to sustainability without it

AT WISE sheikha moza is asked by guterres to lead first ladies of refugees laerning summit to the UN - and before that Africa (through the president of Ghana and his co-chair of un eminents) is asked to cheer on new universities and after that Macron is asked to cheer on green girls education march 2019 two months before beijing next masterclass in belt road summit may 2019 -help co-edit more at Its a pity Jack Ma only does tech masterclasses not BRI ones. Thats's what Hangzjou G20 started to mobilise but Euro-German G20 kaput-ed.


Together China and Bangaldesh have about 15 border neighbours; ;looked at from china's view point it knows how to trade out of its eastern coastal belt but it has 4 major in-land route challenges : South West and South East which Bangladesh's coast is pivotal to but which is more broadly the whole Raj  British Empire coastline where English language may yet help reconcile goals of Jinping and Theresa May if not German EU; and North West And North East which Russia and the arctic coast is pivotal to

Everything south can go very well now but only if we go as micro as understanding girls education and fintech solutions- so eg people who know brac should be at AIIB2018 mumbai and we should make sure that chinese super-educators know brac and can help connect everything sheikha moza and guterres want to do all through the lead BRI investment case of  partnering china (going beyond the british colonial route) - connect asean bangladesh india pakistan united arab emirates suez facing nations med sea in win-win. It was this same oriental part of the world map that The Economist's founder Jmaes Wilson died for being sent yu queen victoiria to start turning raj economy out of calcutta into win-wins. Instead he died of darrhea and the opium wars closed down china (a fifth of the world;'s most civilised people from trading with the world until Q2)

Is there somewhere in beijing or shanghai we can meet in next 6 weeks if you know anyone who would find this view point worth exploring? BRI is abolsutely China's gameboard but if we can include brac in it then girls will have a much happier time and probably jack ma's loveq cant grow without this; and certainly moon jae-in's/Jeju's goals cant without loveq

Thursday, January 18, 2018

thanks heavens for today's world record jobs creators xi jinping, sir fazle abed ... and

belt road mapping is the only game world leaders today are playing that can possibly put worldwide youth on sustainability's orbit

however the idea that it was high time to reunite the markets the peoples of europe and asia and everywhere in between was proposed in the 1990s by the larouche family  'hey now have extraordinary maps of belt road possibilities (trading routes ny and for all peoples, designed round happy borders and upgraded by green energy and dig data small digital) all round the world such as this one

about 5 tunnels could link trade all the way from the tip of south america up to alaska over to russia down the coast to china across the whole of europe with the skip across the gulf through the china pakistan corridor via oman (and wise's qatar) to africa (egypt ethiopia kenya) up the canal back into the med sea which in the times of marco pole was the happiest sea for nations peoples to neighbor on - the fact that this is today the refugees sea of unhappiness is a mess of how top-down economists and others mapped trade routes -lets sort it out now

- back to the present which world record jobs creators (WRJC) compasses interest you most
eg loveq Ma, Jinping, Pope Francis, Guterres, Sir Fazle , Sheikha Moza - values communities can restor round worldwide youth jobs creation - and where do networks meetup