breaking april join guterres coalitions lets end all wars on people and unite around ending virus
2020s sdgs most exciting decade -

lets begin with :IF you are a young refugee your life depends not on people chatting about the 17 sdgs but peer to peer apprenticing replicable solutions goals 1-6 go together - you need a coalition between teachers and students that explains goal 1 ending poverty is linked to how to finance the refugee to maximise community last mile health services and unless you are in a camp to maximise food and water security and safety for women as much as for boys-brac partners inspired for half a century by former royal dutch shell ceo for east pakistan fazle abed have been developing this action learning curricula for 50 years and currently update it with rohinga and wherever un hubs of education above all connect refugees -as well as curricula sustaining refugees brac partners wizards likemit/quadirs/gates/jack ma in delivering digital finance for unbanked

- goal 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G

Soros founded CEU-graduate institution-30 years out of homeland Budapest moved nov2019 to Vienna, Soros Central European Uni- uniting post USSR youth with global youth- mitigating conflicts of EU, middle east, landlocked epicenter of Eurasia east west- and arctic circle north to mid east to African south: the UN world of health, peace and trade, global sports, mobile tech hub out of Vienna, Geneva neutrality of bankers, ethics global sports ngos and hopefully climate adaptability risk – alumni of ban ki-moon, and music/arts city of europe

OSF’s Higher Education Support Program (HESP) effectively served as a Marshall Plan for higher education in Central and Eastern Europe. CEU, founded in 1991, became a unique model in graduate education

CEU hosts annual 5 day student friendships summit “get engaged”

OSBs MK 1 2 Tweet Alex soros georgesoros

Mar 31 The organization I founded, the Open Society Foundations, will contribute €1 million to aid the city of Budapest in solidarity with the people of my birthplace in the midst of this unprecedented emergency.

Bard university- 21stc Swarthmore out of NY state- led by world class musical composer Leon Botstein- trusted by Soros as facilitator in chIef- was growing great NY hub on 86st but currently all hubs closed down- experiential learning of American and global youth friendships- first access to Soros Open Society culture hubs & economists. LB +OS global12 Soros G A MsA Kaletsky MallochB CEU Ignatieff Rev Krastev MsCattaui Gaspard D-Sachs SchiffrinCU

Princeton U global history lab .. mooc

Hub in high schools with Brooklyn library with branches long island, Baltimore, DC, & returning citizens.

Bard at berlin. At QUIDS Palestine


Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (United States) 1
Chatham House (United Kingdom) 1
Institute for New Economic Thinking (United States and United Kingdom) -see lower box
Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Austria) 1
Open Society Archives (Hungary) 1
Rift Valley Institute (Kenya) 1
The Talloires Network boston tufts uni 1

Out of Dhaka, ABED U of BRAC & OSUN. Led today by Vincent Chang, Fazle Abed began Brac U with friends of James Grant health college including Swarthmore epidemiologist David Fraser. The goal to celebrate SDG futures of Asian youth, public servants, tech leaders, girl-safe community-links with world’s largest ngo partnership. Abed’s 50 years of poverty alleviation networking stemmed from being Glasgow engineering graduate and Royal Dutch Shell regional CEO for East Pakistan. Brac empowers village women community building- microfranchising health food, finance livelihood edu 1- first 30 years peer to peer in villages with no electricity- last 20 years choose leapfrog partners. brac and ashesi only wise laureates where university is core model celebrated by Sheihka Moza

Brac = world’s largest 2g fintech poor with mit-legatum, gates, jack ma and integrated partner licenes such as ultra poor recent nobel prize win for mit poverty lab, james grant school of public health, lego-brac global pre-schools with yidan (ten cent hong kong) and yidan Europe- cambridge Uni- adolescent girls clubs brac international netherlands and mastercard foundation Canada. with visa presencing institute mit. Brac triangualised microhealth, microedu, microfinance-in scaling economic coalition it connects 4 value chains of sustainability – ie one village, 200k villages, national, global

Out of Accra, Ghana Ashesi U founded by Patrick Awuah and friends Microsoft Seattle -future of African sdg youth, public servant leaders, tech, youth hubs. Patrick adapting 20 years collaboratory of Africa new Unis and hubs (eg Kenya Ihub). Ashesi is the main U model celebrated by WISE’s Moza & Ghana president -both top 17 UN eminents of SDGs- and closely mentored by Mahbubani of Singapore Uni celebrating and dedicated to Lee Kuan Yew- next Mahbubani worldwide seminar out of china institute in NY- 4/7/2020. Africa also has greatest medical teaching school last mile health in Rwanda Jim Yong Kim/Paul Farmer. Soros had sponsored brac Liberia and sierra leone ahead of ebola)

Question – what works masterclass, zoom, various mooc platforms, Arizona states platforms, hujiang 40000 live classroom.,tencent/baidu platforms. how’s this vary by bandwidth

Arizona state soros us trusted leader in online education- major retirement project since 2009 of former intel ceo craig barrett- craig had tried Bangladesh-intel as his last csr project but knew yunus not abed

Vital edu jack ma 1 2

2009 Soros launched ineteconomics to reverse global meltdown and map rising community nets. Soros helps mediate moving beyond paper currencies and nationalist politicians. He supports theory of economics reflexivity which can help update 260 years of Smithian moral philosophy

In late 1990s soros 2 greatest sdg successes found jim kim and paul farmer, sponsored first mobile phone village tests- boston epicenter of both- by 2005 jim kim had found both gates and abed and by 2012 soros wanted ceu to br abed’s best partner-ceu also has 20 laureate alumni curricula starting with popper

London U -soas machel online – school oriental African studies & Birkbeck

Paris science po-nb parish hq of UN education & Unesco

ALSO American uni at Kyrgyzstan and Bulgaria, European U of humanities Lithuania, Fulbright U Vietnam, U los andes colombia

Soros partnership with gorbachev and lech walesa caused birthof open society offices in 150 capitals, and soros helped gorbachev launch annual summit on nobel peace laureates aswell as youth solidarity networks-main partnerjournalists at club of rome also green advocates

Soros first philanthropy coined term entrepreneurial evolution with south African youth- potentially trcks world from mandela back to Gandhi- attenborough family is bbc world leading editor n nature and Gandhi-

Open society laureates Austrian Karl popper origin of laureates 1994– global 2016 / MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERE 2014 / KRISTALINA GEORGIEVA EU crisis response Haiti, Pakistan, and Chile after natural disasters. 2012 / ARYEH NEIER, Former President of the Open Society Foundations- 2011 co-recipient 2011 / JAVIER SOLANA, RICHARD C. HOLBROOKE, 2010 / LOUISE ARBOUR, President and CEO of The International Crisis Group 2008 / KOFI A. ANNAN, Seventh Secretary-General of the United NationsGlobal south 2013 / SIR FAZLE HASAN ABED KCMG, Founder and Chairperson of BRAC 2006 / RICARDO LAGOS, Former President of ChileCentral Europe: 2018 / JANOS KORNAI 2007 / CARLA DEL PONTE, Former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 2002 / MIKHEIL SAAKASHVILI, Former Minister of Justice of Georgia and co-recipient ZURAB ZHVANIA, 2001 / BRONISLAW GEREMEK, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland 2000 / ARPAD GONCZ, President of the Republic of Hungary and co-recipient MAMPHELA RAMPHELE, a Managing Director of the World Bank1999 / VACLAV HAVEL, President of the Czech Republic :: 2017 Germany Joachim Gauck 2015 / THE INTERNATIONAL RENAISSANCE FOUNDATION creation open society Ukraine- 2009 / MARTTI AHTISAARI, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2008), Former President of the Republic of FinlandUS 2019 / STIGLITZ T 2003 / TOM LANTOS, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

Friday, September 13, 2019

hoping to help connect every UNGA event ny sept 22-27

tell us connections you would like to share

here's an indicator of some of my family's and journalistsforhumanity most trusted friends work
I am in new york to try help make connections between 22 and 27 sept

0 we are benchmarking the world's number 1 investment partnerships in artificial intelligence (AI) - a debate my father mediated at The Economist from 1962- eg how does japan's 2nd richest man maso son connect the sdg generation with the world's leading investment partnerships in ai

one urgent thing: does mack have a lunchtime free that i can offer to the professor i know from CKGSB ny branch- this is the college system founded by hong kong's richest man- among key peoples ideas it represents are kissinger's- and as i have mentioned kissinger 30 year old chinese american practice network committee100 is led by yo yo ma the cellist who also organises silk road musician events out of harvard

2 are you staging or attending any events that I can join in? 

3 i have quite a lot of sdg news- it might be best if we all met briefly as early as possible to understand what different countries are bringing- for example in geneva UN this well i found out that through the bbc britain is leading the end plastic component of the ocean-climate goals  (David Attenborough blue planet stories including fisk being killed by plastic and corals being bleached reached 1 billion people -although intended as broadcast series- it went viral on youth mobiles including quarter billion chinese) - there is a new series on how sustainable will natore be on each of earth's 7 major continents launching october; I am working with the studio producer on a leaflet making davd attenborough one of millennials top 20 heroes; i went to the same school as david attenborough son) and a lot of the UNGA reasons for emphasis on the climate goals including the needs of the 50 plus small island developing nations whose large ocean fronts has made them vulnerable like the bahamas- at the moment these states are also being punished by global finance (after 9/11 it was decided that derisking policies started withdrawing island states from full integration in electronic systems as a way to counter money laundering)- i have also been given the name of the person heading british un missions in new york- i wonder if there is a way to connect her with japan's corresponding person  - as you see from my earlier reporting japan richest ma founder of uniqlo has started to join ILO and other efforts to change value chain of fashion garment workers- this is the most pivotal of all changes connecting the olympics and how artistic celebrities impact  fashion markets  - i met the editor of global-geneva a glossy magazine asking how will geneva hub change partnerships around the world- should i be connecting this editor with mack- is music for sdgs a story geneva needs to partner with

4 i would be interested in whether we should be asking the sherpa of japan g20 or of ticad for a meeting to understand what they want to connect at the un and through continuing events -eg what did mack see as apec opportunity and does mack see any particular connections with vincent changs work- i know the latin american who organises wall streets main fund for poverty in latin america and is in columbia's engineering department- do any of you wish to meet camilo of 

5 i will be arranging boston visit october to ezra vogel - america's number 1 academic on why the world needs china and japan to trust each other; this monday i have lunch with amitav acharya who asked me to get a signed copy of vogels book- their ideas on supporting asian youth connect futures are similar and amitav helps schwarmans 3 colleges - mit tsinghua oxford do this  (nyu has a 100 mn dollar partnership with shanghai - i wonder if this is one of the areas aya could be building)

5a i have a new contact with india networks leading corporate change- their main european hub is vienna which is where vincent chang's and world bank jim kim's friend ban ki moon is hq'd

6 i welcome hearing any of your news - any way of communicating you suggest- 

thanks chris +1 240 316 8157

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