Monday, December 23, 2019

goal 3

which would you prefer 10 times less costly or 10 times more costly health service

inspired by china's barefoot medics bangladesh's and brac's sir fazle abed developed the 10 times less costly village womens health service from early 1970s- what he and friendly investors like james grant at unicef did was identify the 10 lowest cost to cure killer diseases of infants and mothers and trained villagers to deliver the cures in humid villages without access to electricity grids
-over 200000 villagers applied to operate this microfranchise- as the villages had no financial services other than loan sharks, girl empowered microfinance plus was born to serve this village industry and related ones such as borlaug's rice science microfranchise which helped to end famine across south asia goal 3

we shouldn't be surprised that life saving microfranchises need borderless replication wherever the climate and other poverty variables are similar- over and over Chinese and Bangladesh Village girls helped each other end ultra poverty- if this most joyful education lesson cannot be shared around the world- what chances any sustainability goal solution will ever be mediated

often the west has misunderstood these and other cases that made sir fazle abed the greatest educational economist the world will ever know- that is if goal 1 - a world can be sustained wherever the next girl is born thanks to thriving communities everywhere giving her a fair chance at life -more at and the journal of adam smith scholars co-sponsored by

extract from gates health prize 2004 to brac:
BRAC's community-based health programs currently serve more than 31 million people through a network of health clinics, community nutrition centers, and grassroots health workers.  Their services include women’s reproductive and maternal health programs, HIV/AIDS prevention education, immunization promotion, the treatment of life-threatening childhood diarrhea, TB diagnosis and treatment, and nutrition. 

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  1. Sunday, December 29, 2019

    Is it possible for a 5g hospital to be 90% cheaper - yes? where will it first happen- certainly not America germany france or Italy - probably supercities like hong kong and ewtp-nations like Rwanda

    to see why check these hypotheses out

    whilst 90% of life saving work goes on in the operating room (and always merits high pay)- less than 1% of hospital worker time is spent in this room

    another 90% of quality (time spent by patient) is how much loving service they receive- increasingly this will need much less expert nurses much more loving servant leaders

    that's because IOT in a 5g hospital can do all the expert watching we have previously delegated to the nurse-please note expert nurses will still be needed but they will be the mionoroty of nursing staff- all of this is good news for 95% of families and communities- huge new jobs vacancies will be available without having to study for many years before practicing being a loving nrse assistant- by all means some of these nurse assistants will take life long training to become experts in specific skills, a lot of which will have a digital wizardry (or play lab) component- again the 5g hospital will be able to match skills with the urgency of need- of course this hospital assumes the whole life history of the patient has been digitalsied - we can imagine china will be the first nation to do this and America the last- the reason is economic- America is designed -through politics and media and real estate zoning's big banks - round those elders who profiteer (and deprive youth) by making health the most expensive in the world, and even spreading new mental diseases like opioids - as with many market categories in America- if you are in the top 1% of wealth, health banking safety housing politicking is arranged for your ever greatest delectation- there has always been an underclass in America who pay the most per quality of produce- whats different is mass media's false competition with ecommerce and next G-telecoms leap in usa has been designed to reduce the middle class's access to transparent markets and dumb down with celebrity trivia- neither political party will ever solve it- they (and some of the academic hacks for hire) are the main gainers of this broken system apart from the top 0.1%