Sunday, January 19, 2020

end poverty goal 1

sustainable humans  cannot end poverty unless banking prioritises financial services for replicating 30000 community solutions- we have known this since 1984 or earlier - those who regulate train or invest in banking that fails this should be removed from every place

- those needing to see solutions

primarily because of the island empires of uk and japan-over half of the worlds people living on the continent of asia had been trapped in poverty
it makes sense to understand how 100 million girls ended poverty with solutions pioneered in bangladesh - study at brac university if there are no investors in world casds infrastructure-

if your place is fortunate enough to have a rich diaspora or other long-term investors study how chinese rural families started by sharing bangla solutions in the 1970s then added infrastructure solutions all the time checking in on what leapfrog solutions bangladesh girl power used henever given a chance at entreprenurial revolution eg mobile finance bkash, microsolarpower

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